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Everyone has secrets—personal data, passwords, private documents, etc—and people will spend lots of money to keep this information secret or gain access to it. Ransomware is just one way that hackers win access to personal information, expecting its owner will pay to win it back. Ransomware is a nasty bit of malicious software—malware for short—that

Digital Spending Traps

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Ever been playing a game and needed just one more life to finish the level? That life may cost you, but what’s $1.99 this one time? The problem is that that’s exactly how predatory companies want you to feel. Many apps, games, and websites use deceptive or exploitative tactics to convince you to make purchases.

How to Increase Your Gas Mileage

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No amount of wishful thinking will lower prices at the pump. Instead, focus on efforts that will make a difference—follow these 8 tips to increase your gas mileage and get the most out of every gallon. 1. Drop the cargo weight. Cleaning your car out isn’t just good advice from your mom—it can actually save you

50 Internet Safety Tips

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Cybersecurity risks have grown just as rapidly as technology has and online scam artists are always finding new ways to lower a system’s defenses. Ramping up your cybersecurity awareness means learning how to stay safe online, and it’s the best way to keep your personal information (and money) safe from scammers. Here are 50 helpful

Benefits for Veterans

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In addition to serving their country, members of the military get access to life-changing benefits for themselves and their dependents. Education Benefits Education assistance is often the first thing that comes to mind when people think about the benefits of serving in the military. The most popular and commonly used education benefit comes from the

How to Lower Your Gas Bill

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A higher than expected natural gas bill is not the kind of surprise you enjoy getting in the mail. It’s not just you—natural gas prices are on the rise nationwide. Try these 10 changes to lower your bill. 1. Stay on top of maintenance. Perform regular maintenance on your natural gas furnace and water heater to

Scams Targeting Seniors

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Scammers target seniors more aggressively than any other group. Recognizing the most common scams helps prevent your money and personal information from getting stolen. Red Flags When you’re contacted by someone—even if it’s someone you think you can trust— it’s wise to check for some common red flags. Pressure to act quickly. Scammers know that

The Rule of 72

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Calculating compound interest is complicated. Luckily, there’s a simple shortcut that helps you estimate how a fixed interest rate will affect your savings: the Rule of 72. The Basics The Rule of 72 is a tool used to estimate how long it will take an investment to double at a given interest rate, assuming a

Protect Yourself Online

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No matter how tech savvy you are, cybersecurity should be top of mind anytime you use the internet. If that sounds overwhelming, don’t stress. You don’t need to be an expert. Good cybersecurity isn’t complicated. Whether you’re messaging with friends, streaming music, watching movies, buying clothes, or paying bills, there are basic cybersecurity rules anyone

Certificates of Deposit and Share Certificates

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If you're willing to wait, a CD or share certificate can be a great way to earn a high interest rate on the money you deposit. The Basics You can get a certificate of deposit (CD) through almost any bank, while share certificates are available exclusively at credit unions. They are similar products. With both

Finding Funds in an Emergency

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If you find yourself facing an emergency that you’re financially under-prepared for, the prospect of what to do next may feel overwhelming. Don’t panic. There are things you can do to get through this crisis. Work With What You Have The first step is to restructure your current budget. While some expenses are difficult to

The Upside of Frugality

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Frugal living discussions often talk about pinching pennies or “stretching a dollar.” A penny saved is a penny earned, or so the saying goes, but is that actually the case?What if that penny saved could end up being much more over time? Turns out, living frugally can save you way more than you might think.What does

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