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Manage Your Finances with SimpleView

All First Southern customers with access to Online Banking and our Mobile App have free access to SimpleView. This tool can be used to set alerts, track spending, set goals, create budgets, and more.

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Use SimpleView to Add Account Alerts

SimpleView Alerts can alert you by email or text when a triggered event occurs. To add an alert:

  1. Manage Alerts.
  2. Click the Plus Button (+) to create an alert.
  3. Choose Simpleview.
  4. Create an alert – Account Balance, Specific Store Purchase or Large Transaction.
  5. Add Alert Options.
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Real-Time Debit Card Alerts

With Real-Time Debit Card Alerts from First Southern National Bank, you can receive alerts whenever your debit card is utilized or declined.

If you are a First Southern customer interested in receiving Real-Time Debit Card Alerts, you can sign up and manage alerts via Mobile or Online Banking under the “Manage Alerts” tab. Email alerts are free, or you can choose to receive alerts via text for $2 per month, per card.

3 Ways Real-Time Debit Card Alerts Provide Peace Of Mind

1. Approvals

Real-Time Debit Card Alerts allow customers to receive alerts whenever their debit card is utilized. By receiving an alert with every transaction, you know that every swipe is indeed yours.

2. Declines

Fraudulent transactions can happen fast. If a thief gets ahold of your physical card or your Debit Card number, they will typically do a test transaction and then start charging. It’s important to catch fraud as quickly as possible.

3. Spending Habits

Debit Card Alerts are a fantastic way to monitor personal spending habits. They help you watch your spending and avoid mindless swiping. 


When First Southern National Bank says, “We Believe In You,” it means we also believe certain things about you. We believe that you want to live a life of margin, where you can balance spending, saving, and giving. We believe that you want to make wise financial decisions to enable that kind of living.

Because we believe in you, we are here for you every step of the way.