We believe that setting and sticking to a budget is a fundamental element of a financially prosperous life. We’ve provided SimpleView as part of our Online Banking and Mobile App to take the hassle out of budgeting for our customers.

Budgeting Made Easy

First Southern National Bank’s personal finance management tool, SimpleView, allows you to see your finances in a whole new way. Access this free tool anytime through Online Banking or our Mobile App – set Goals, create a Budget and more.

Monthly Activity

The Monthly Activity section of SimpleView gives a graphic representation of your monthly account activity. This view provides an at-a-glance view of your account balances.

Net Worth

By adding your personal assets and liabilities, you can watch your Net Worth from one spot all while pulling in historical data.


We often have common financial goals, whether it’s saving for your first house or paying a student loan. These are the most common goals we recommend you start with, or you can add your own custom goal within SimpleView.

To add a SimpleView Goal:

  1. Click the blue plus button under the Goals section to create a savings or spending goal.
  2. Create a title.
  3. Add your account.
  4. Choose a completion date and save.


Considered the most powerful SimpleView tool, Budgets allows you to intelligently monitor your day-to-day transactions, so you can keep your spending on track. Whether it’s clothing, dining out, health, income or one of the other numerous spending tags you’d like to track, it’s all available at your fingertips.

To create a new Budget item:

  1. Click the blue plus button under the Budgets section to add a new budget item.
  2. Choose a tag(s) to track.
  3. Choose a name and amount.
  4. Choose the account to track.
  5. Finish.


SimpleView Alerts can alert you by email or text when a triggered event occurs. To add an alert:

  1. Manage Alerts.
  2. Click the Plus Button (+) to create an alert.
  3. Choose Simpleview.
  4. Create an alert – Account Balance, Specific Store Purchase or Large Transaction.
  5. Add Alert Options.


When First Southern National Bank says, “We Believe In You,” it means we also believe certain things about you. We believe that you want to live a life of margin, where you can balance spending, saving, and giving. We believe that you want to make wise financial decisions to enable that kind of living.

Because we believe in you, we are here for you every step of the way.