First-time homebuyers Austin and Keeahna Greer share their journey with First Southern National Bank’s personal banking services.


We make it a priority to provide our communities with access to our Financial Literacy Resource Center and to have team members that are willing and able to provide financial coaching.

personal banking services

Managing Credit Scores

Even if you’re financially responsible, life’s unpredictable nature can sometimes catch you off guard, and make it dangerously easy to fall into debt.

Retirement Funds

When you invest in a retirement account, your money will grow until you’re ready to retire. But how do you know whether to use a Traditional or Roth retirement account? Make a confident, informed decision.

Teaching Children About Money

From children and grandchildren to nieces and nephews to the child of a good friend, you can enrich the lives of children you know and prepare them for the future. Learn how our personal banking services can help the children in your life.


A practical, workable budget should be one of the products of the collaborative conversations about money that you have with your partner as you plan how to manage your money.

personal banking


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