Main Street Books: A Childhood Dream Becomes Reality

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What started as a childhood dream for Charity Ramsey has officially become a reality—she has her very own bookstore. Growing up in Monticello, KY, Charity embarked on a different adventure with every page she turned. Her love for books stayed with her as she grew up, married her husband Rhett, became a nurse, and had her

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When it comes to talking with a spouse or partner about money, many people shy away. It can be scary—but it doesn’t have to be. Positive and frequent communication is key. Talk Often A great way to reduce the stress of talking about money is to discuss things frequently with your partner.

4 tips on how to pay for home renovations

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Most home renovation projects are done in the spring and summer, and we have some helpful advice on how to pay for them! Summer is here, and you might be noticing some things you would like done around the house. From simply painting the living room a new color or building a porch

It pays to upgrade

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Do you know how much you can save with a First Class Checking Account? A First Class Checking Account comes with thousands of dollars in potential savings a year! Here are just a few of the money-saving benefits included with an account. Roadside Assistance Did you know that your First Class Checking Account

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Rules for Renting

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You have rights as a renter. Of course, your landlord has rights too. If all goes well during your tenancy, there’s no reason that the two of you should butt heads. But if something goes wrong, you should know what the laws that govern your tenancy are—they can make your life a lot easier

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Which Mortgage is Right For You?

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Not all mortgages are the same, and it's important to understand the benefits and disadvantages of each mortgage type before purchasing a home. This activity will explain each mortgage type individually and provide pros and cons for each one. Use the dropdown arrow to select the mortgage you'd like to learn about.

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