Your Visa debit card is expiring soon, so start using your new Mastercard debit card today!

All our customers have received their new Mastercard debit cards in the mail, and it’s time to start using them! The former Visa debit cards will expire in the next few weeks, so please use your Mastercard in order to seamlessly access your account and funds.

The Visa debit cards will expire on the following dates:

HSA debit cards | expired January 18

First Class Checking debit cards | expired January 25

Online Checking debit cards | expiring February 15

Statement Savings and Business Checking debit cards | expiring February 22

Traditional Checking debit cards | expiring March 8

If you continue to use your Visa debit card, it will no longer work after these dates. If you need help updating your PIN, watch our how-to video here.

We are excited about new benefits and enhancements such as Contactless Payments, ID Theft Protection Services, and new Extended Warranties and Satisfaction Guarantees on items purchased using our Mastercard debit card. Offering Mastercard is just one of the ways we are working to continually improve the services available to our customers.

If you have not received your new Mastercard debit card, please let us know here.