Congratulations to Nathan Thompson, Property Evaluator, for being named Head Boys’ Basketball Coach at Logan County High School!

While working at First Southern throughout his adult life, Nathan has coached basketball at the semiprofessional level for the Bowling Green Hornets, as well as at the high school level for both local schools. He is also a member of the Russellville High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

“We are extremely proud of Nathan and this new venture. Nathan is a wonderful asset to our team and the Logan County School System will quickly realize the same,” says John Brett Reynolds. “Nathan has always had a deep commitment to our youth and our community as a whole and this is another way for him to serve and help Russellville grow.”

“Nathan has been a great asset to our team here at First Southern for many years,” says Tracey Gilbert, Branch Manager. “He is a wonderful dad and husband and we are so proud of him embarking on this new adventure with Logan County High School. His leadership will be a blessing to the students!”

Nathan and wife, Laura have two daughters and live in Olmstead.