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Changes to the 2024-2025 FAFSA Form

2024-04-18T18:58:12+00:00January 9th, 2024|

The government has rolled out significant changes to the 2024-2025 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Get caught up on all the updates so you can fill out your FAFSA effectively. Changes to the Filing Process The biggest change in filling out the FAFSA is how tax data is collected. Instead of manually entering

Out of Work

2024-04-18T19:05:18+00:00April 16th, 2021|

Losing a job can leave you unsure of the next steps. But there are ways to save money and mitigate damage while you look for a new job. Emergency Funds A healthy emergency fund is critical during unemployment. Ideally, you’ll already have 3-6 months' worth of essential living expenses to get you through the search

Leaving a Job with a 401(K)

2024-04-18T19:12:14+00:00October 30th, 2020|

When you leave a job with a 401(k), you’ll generally have four options for what to do with the money. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so deciding what’s right for you will depend on your situation and preferences. Leave the Money in Your Old Account If you have more than $5,000 in your


2024-04-18T19:23:24+00:00August 6th, 2020|

A trust, similar to a will, is a way to designate what happens to a person’s belongings after they pass away. How a Trust Works When setting up a trust (also known as a trust fund), the grantor creates and transfers assets, such as money or property, to it. They decide what happens with the assets and

Moving Costs

2024-04-18T19:27:33+00:00August 6th, 2020|

Moving is a big undertaking, but planning a budget can help make it go as smoothly as possible. To start your budget, it’s important to decide how you will execute the move. Will you hire a moving company, ask for assistance from friends and family, or a combination of the two? For small, local moves,

To-Dos for Leaving a Job

2024-04-18T19:32:14+00:00August 6th, 2020|

Whatever your reasons for leaving a job, it’s usually not as simple as saying goodbye to your coworkers and walking out the door. There are things you need to do to set yourself up for success in your new situation and ensure you leave your replacement in a good place.Save Your WorkWhether you’ve already secured another

Financial To-Dos for Newlyweds

2024-04-18T19:41:44+00:00July 1st, 2020|

Before the big day, sit down with your partner and talk finances. Some of these to-dos have a time limit—sometimes as short as two weeks after your wedding! Don’t miss out on money-saving adjustments by waiting too long after the big day. Insurance Policies Insurance policies often have limits as to when you can make

Filling Out the FAFSA

2024-04-18T19:46:44+00:00July 1st, 2020|

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an application for financial aid made up of scholarships and grants that the government awards to students based on their needs. Unfortunately, many students who would qualify for FAFSA funds don’t even complete the application. A recent study on found that $3.75 billion in financial aid went unclaimed


2024-04-18T19:51:14+00:00April 17th, 2020|

Less than half of Americans have a will that details how they would like their money and estate handled after their death, giving new meaning to the idiom “against their will.” You don’t need wealth to benefit from a will. Wills make it faster and easier for your beneficiaries to receive their inheritance and for

Preparing For A Baby

2024-04-18T19:55:06+00:00March 25th, 2020|

Are you adding a child to your family? Congratulations! Whether it be through birth or adoption, parenthood is a fulfilling experience that requires careful planning and consideration. As with any major life change, if you have a better grasp of the financial requirements and tasks, you can be better prepared for what's ahead. Plan Plan

Government Assistance

2024-04-18T20:02:01+00:00March 25th, 2020|

If you don’t make enough money to cover your basic expenses, there are safeguards in place to help you make ends meet. The U.S. Government has several programs that can assist you with paying for necessities like food, healthcare, and even housing. Food Services If paying for food is your main concern, there are a

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