Students in front of EKU banner

Every year First Southern National Bank awards up to five scholarships to high-achieving banking students that attend Eastern Kentucky University.

The scholarship program allows students to graduate from college with a professional level of knowledge in banking, positioning them for a vast array of banking careers.

While many universities offer Finance as a concentration, First Southern National Bank has partnered with Eastern Kentucky University who offers both a minor and a major in Banking and Financial Services.

Since 2016, the Banking and Financial Services program has provided students with an understanding of monetary policy and its impact on the economy, global financial markets, and the structure and operation of financial institutions. When students return in 2020, the concentration will also include a major in Banking and Financial Services.

“First Southern National Bank has had a meaningful impact on EKU’s Banking Program,” says Maggie Abney, Undergraduate Banking and Financial Services Program Coordinator. “The high school recruitment and scholarship program they offer to students in our banking program will provide the bank with an industry-specific, educated talent pipeline. We would like to see more banks offer programs like this.”

“Very few universities offer classes specifically for banking,” says Regional President Arnie Akers. “I’m excited for banking to become a major at EKU, and to see Eastern Kentucky University become a hub where banks find future team members and leaders.”

First Southern National Bank currently has several EKU undergraduate students interning throughout the company, including in the Operations Department, Holding Company, and at several branch locations.

Participants of the 2019-2020 Scholarship and Internship Program include: Randa Morris, Kyle Best, Brett Elleman, and Jessie Johnson. Three of the four recipients will continue to grow their career with First Southern National Bank upon graduation.

The First Southern National Bank Scholarship and Internship Program provides up to $20,000 per academic year of financial assistance to students. Scholarship recipients are selected by First Southern upon enrollment at Eastern Kentucky University. Students majoring in a Business discipline are considered, with a preference given to a Finance and/or Banking major or minor. Students must also be a junior or senior during the year the scholarship is awarded.

You can find out more about the First Southern National Bank Scholarship and Internship Program by reaching out at [email protected]. Find out more about the Banking and Financial Services program at Eastern Kentucky University at