Relationships are a core value at First Southern National Bank. They matter a lot – in our faith, our families, our friendships and our work. That’s why we want to introduce our team to you by featuring our team members! Learn more about Quinten Curry, a loan officer at the Bowling Green branch.

What is your first memory of money as a child?

My grandfather used to give me $5 every time I came to see them, and I would give it to my grandmother to keep. She would put it in this little jewelry box and save it for me.

How long have you worked at First Southern?

I have been a part of the FSNB team as a Business Development Loan Officer for a little over a year now.

What is your favorite thing about working for First Southern?

Our VALUES and the overall culture of FSNB as a company. They see the value not only in our customers but also in our employees.

What does it mean to believe in our customers?

To believe in our customers is to show them that they are valued. I want to let them know that we care and are here to help them achieve any financial goals they may have when possible. I want to give customers the generous ‘southern charm’ we all like to receive when we go into a business.

What is your favorite memory or story from First Southern?

I joined FSNB during a worldwide pandemic, and it was amazing to see everyone pull together and become the best team possible to fulfill the community and company needs.

Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?

No hidden talents, but I love coaching and playing basketball, going to the lake, and just hanging with friends and family.

What’s the best advice you were ever given? Who was it from?

“When you make a commitment to do something, your success is predicated upon your commitment.” -Eric Thomas

Quinten and all the team members at First Southern National Bank look forward to serving you. Contact Quinten, visit your local branch or visit to open an account today.