Are debit cards safer than cash? Can you use a debit card when shopping online? Using your debit card is more secure than you might think!

Debit cards are safer to carry than cash.

If you accidentally drop your cash or lose your wallet, your money is gone. There is no way to stop your cash from being taken in these situations. However, as soon as you notice your debit card or wallet is missing, you can turn off your card quickly in our mobile app, stopping others from accessing your money.

Debit cards have multiple layers of security.

The chip on our new Mastercard debit cards is an EMV chip. Similar to the magnetic strip on the back of your card, it contains information about the account associated with the card. The chip makes transactions more secure by encrypting data when used at a chip-enabled terminal. This security feature is paired with real-time fraud monitoring to help make your debit card an even safer option.

Using a PIN provides additional security.

Requiring your PIN is the most secure way to verify that you are you. A signature can be forged, but requiring a secure PIN makes it more difficult for stolen or counterfeited cards to be used in fraudulent transactions.

That is why more businesses are requiring the use of a PIN. Partner with First Southern National Bank to help reduce fraud. If you have questions about how to use a PIN, change a PIN or questions in general, feel free to contact us at 866-602-3762.

When you use your Mastercard debit, you’re protected against fraud.

First Southern National Bank won’t hold you responsible for unauthorized transactions. As a Mastercard cardholder, Zero Liability applies to your purchases made online, in the store, by phone, or via a mobile device and ATM transactions.*

*Certain restrictions apply. See for details.

You can trust that your Mastercard debit card is a safe and secure payment option!