After 46-years of service, Julie Hatfield retired on November 30, 2018 from the Lancaster branch. She began her tenure in 1974 with People’s Bank of Paint Lick, which was then acquired by First Southern National Bank in 1989.

Julie Hatfield Graphic

What were the biggest changes you saw in the banking industry during your tenure?

In 46 years, I saw A LOT of changes! The age of technology has changed banking tremendously.

When I started my banking career in the 70’s, everything was done by hand. From sorting and alphabetizing checks and deposits to posting them on a ledger sheet daily and balancing the banks books. That was the fundamentals of banking, making sure your debits and credits were balanced.

What will you miss most about working at First Southern National Bank?

The people. My bank family (co-workers) and I were like family. I also loved the customers I served daily.

What do you hope to accomplish during your retirement?

I have a lot of things I want to do around my home, but I also want to enjoy the flexibility of retirement. If a friend says, “Let’s go out to lunch!”, I can go more easily. I am also thrilled to spend even more time with my grandkids.

How important is building relationships in banking and in life?

Building relationships with your coworkers and your customers makes for a pleasant and efficient workplace, but your most important relationship should be with Christ. My advice is to walk with Him daily.

Thanks for sharing with us Julie! We wish you the very best in your retirement and your First Southern National Bank family misses you!