Wayne County History

Peoples State Bank established 1937, City and County Bank of Wayne County 1982 – 1985, First State Bank of Wayne County 1985 – 1992

On August 23, 1937, eight men met at the Breeding Hotel Building for the purpose of starting a new bank. These gentlemen were: Mr. J.C. Davis, Mr. Henry Blevins, Mr. E.C. Dodson, Mr. J.D. Campbell, Mr. Giles Parmley, Mr. R.G. Breeding, Mr. H.M. Eads and Mr. Charles H. Powers. This group joined forces to become the first directors for what was to be called Peoples State Bank. Peoples State Bank was housed in a room in the Breeding Hotel Building, at the corner of Main and Jockey Streets (now called Michigan Avenue). At this time, the bank had only two employees – Mr. Charles H. Powers and Mr. Dallas Powers. There were 250 shares of stock issued with capital stock totaling $25,000.00.

Mr. R.G. Breeding was the founder and first President, a role he served in until his death in 1959. Other presidents include Mr. Dallas Powers, Mr. Perk Denney, Mr. Robert G. Breeding, Mr. Raymond Campbell, Mr. Ron Weaver, and serving today, since February 1985, Mr. Jess Correll. In May of 1970, the bank moved to a new location on North Main Street. The bank’s new home was the former Chevrolet Garage building, which has been remodeled several times. The bank also purchased adjoining property from Correll & Johnson Hardware, where our parking lot is now located. We opened a branch office in March 1975 in the Town & Country Plaza, located on North Main. In 1982, the bank’s name changed to City and County Bank of Wayne County, and in 1985 to First State Bank of Wayne County. In 1992, we took our present name, First Southern National Bank.


When First Southern National Bank says, “We Believe In You,” it means we also believe certain things about you. We believe that you want to live a life of margin, where you can balance spending, saving, and giving. We believe that you want to make wise financial decisions to enable that kind of living.

Because we believe in you, we are here for you every step of the way.