Logan County History

Citizens National Bank established 1902 – 2003

The Citizens National Bank was organized in 1902 during a period of economic uncertainty, which had witnessed several banks in Logan County closing, thereby creating apprehension and a lack of confidence in financial institutions. Mr. T.D. Evans, a very successful dry goods merchant in Russellville, felt the community was in need of another bank. The people’s lack of confidence and uneasiness could be resolved by a new concept in banking – a bank chartered by the federal government. This would mean the bank would be subject to examinations by an agency of the federal government as an invasion of privacy. They did not want to transfer their state charters to national bank charters.

After a thorough investigation and evaluation by Mr. Evans and other local citizens, it was concluded that the formation of a national bank could restore confidence and provide the financial services needed by the general public. On December 29, 1902, the first Board of Directors’ Meeting of The Citizens National Bank, Russellville, Kentucky, was called to order by Mr. T.D. Evans at his home located on the corner of Nashville and Eighth Streets in Russellville. Mr. Evans was elected president and Mr. H.L. Trimble, a professor of history at Bethel College, was elected cashier. Citizens was first located at 181 South Main Street, and continued to operate there until September, 1920. At which time, Citizens moved to its present location at 138 North Main Street. However, several expansions have occurred since that time. Citizens was the first bank in Logan County to establish a facility outside of its main office location.

In 1963 the first branch bank in Logan County was opened at 104 South Bethel Street. Since that time, Northside Branch has opened at 1101 Lewisburg Road in Russellville. Citizens closed out its first year of business on December 31, 1903 with total assets of $ 53,475.50. By 1960, those assets had grown to $4,059,632.83, in 1970 to $9,657,795.69, in 1980 to $42,160,976.09, in 1990 to $94,857,244.67 and to $131,028,144.57 at the close of business of December 31, 1995. The initial equity of the bank in 1902 was $25,000.00, which has grown to over 15 million dollars. The following individuals have served this bank as president: T.D. Evans, 1902 to 1928; R.N. Nourse, January 1928 to November 1934; H.L. Trimble, November 1934 to July 1947; H.O. Price, July 1947 to September 1969; Earl V. Davis, September 1969 to May 1986; Jay Slaton, May 1986 to February 2003; and Jess Correll who become president in February 2003 and currently serves in this capacity. In 2003, South Central Bancshares, holding company for Citizens National Bank, was acquired by First Southern National Bank. The bank continued to operate under the “Citizens National Bank” name until July 2005, when the name the name officially changed to First Southern National Bank.


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